Do you need other services outsourced?

Additional services for companies

You can also get help from our accounting firm for more than accounting and financial statements. We have the capabilities to help with financial advice, tax optimization and business planning and development.

By outsourcing financial monitoring and consulting to a knowledgeable and experienced expert, you free up your own time for your own passion; running and developing your company.

Additional services do not require you to be an existing accounting client, but you can take the services according to your needs, even on a one-time or continuous basis. A company may need additional services on a one-time basis, for example, when planning a longer-term change in business, such as a merger, investment or financing methods. In these or other transformations, it is always a good idea to involve an external expert in the decision-making process.

Check out our services:

Auditing services

We offer the entrepreneur high-quality auditing services with professionalism through Business Consultants.


Whether your idea is to start or close a business, we will be happy to help you in both stages.

Undone bookkeeping

Sometimes accounting can be left behind for a variety of reasons. We take care of the accounting arrears for you.

Financial consulting services

With the help of the CFO, all things to consider are reviewed on a monthly basis. The finance manager will help you analyze the whole.


The Controller provides information for the successful management of your company through its monitoring and diverse expertise.


A CFO is one of the decision makers in your company, offering its own expertise for your company. Your own CFO is a good solution for long-term cooperation.