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Become a customer

Become a customer?

Switching your accounting to Nordic C-Management does not cause any inconvenience to the client company and is also free of charge. Switching yourself is easy and effortless, and in the future we will serve you better than you would even dare to hope. Get to know the stages of becoming a customer and the stages of software implementation!



Steps to becoming a customer

Asiakkaaksi Nordic C-Magagement

Meeting with our sales person

We start by always meeting you through our sales manager where they can tell you more about our services and how we could improve your finances. At the same time, it is an opportunity for you to visit and get to know our accounting firm. This is never obligatory though for signing a contract, but it is a good idea to weigh the options before choosing an accounting firm. At the meeting, you can already meet your future accountant if you wish. Our sales manager will then make you a customized offer based on your needs and wishes.

Signing the contract

If you have made a choice and want to become our client, we only need your signature on two papers: the engagement agreement and the notice of termination from the old accounting firm (if any). From now on, we will be responsible for everything.

We will terminate the old accounting firm on your behalf

You don’t have to worry about termination, we take care of everything for you. We also make sure that all accounting materials are delivered to us and we take care of all communication.

Reviewing matters with the accountant

We will appoint your own accountant for your company, who will take your business in with us and go through the key issues of your business with you – at no extra cost.

Software deployment

Ohjelmiston käyttöönotto

Software kick-off meeting

We will agree with you on a schedule for the implementation and training of the selected software.

Software deployment

We will deploy the selected software with you, with your accountant assisting you throughout this time.

Software training

We will train you to use the software of your choice so that you can easily submit your material and track the results.

You are ready!

Once the system is up and running, you’re done! Later, of course, you can ask your accountant if there are any problems with the software!